by Susan

Chicken Salad

November 18, 2014 in General Fiction by Susan

“A chicken salad sandwich and a cappuccino please” Josh gave his order and stared at the open book he was holding. “Short, Tall or Grande?” came the standard reply. “Tall” “And would you like a extra shot of espresso in that” Josh was still looking at the book. “Sir” “Uh, sorry” “An extra shot of espresso, it’s on special offer today Sir” “No thanks” “Ok that’ll be”, Josh pulled out his wallet still looking at the open book and handed over a ten dollar bill. The assistant placed the sandwich on a tray as a young man to her right prepared the coffee. “Enjoy”, she said finally handing the tray across the counter. Wedging the book under the small plate with the sandwich he turned to the seating area. The only free table was home to an overturned paper cup that was slowly dripping it’s remaining contents onto the seat below. On the far wall sat a young woman alone, he headed in her direction. “Is this seat taken” he asked looking at the women. “No” came the short reply. Josh placed his tray on the table and pulled out the chair. As he started to sit, the chair suddenly
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by alex555

The Power Of The Mind

November 10, 2014 in Horror by alex555

Bruce: A 49 year old father of four, his career is picking up its momentum (stock broker), good living standard, looks very young, the only thing that people hate about him it’s his arrogances. Lenate: A 45 year old mother of four (Bruce’s wife), medical doctor, a woman who love her family more than anything in this world, and will do anything to prevent it from falling apart. Michael: Claire and Bruce first born child, the 19 year just graduated from high school, he is ever the favorite. Susan: The second born, 15 year old beautiful girl ,she is a complete opposite of the three (Bruce, Michael and Claire ), she is making sure her siblings don’t turn out to be like them. Daniela : The third born the 9 year old is being spoiled by her mum, Gomes: The last born, the 5 year is still mummy’s boy, young man full of life, feels proud to be part of such a strong family Mike: the 11 year had been in the comer for 6 years after he was beaten by a bunch of bullies, and the hatred took him to another level of live for the people who murdered
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The Haunted

November 8, 2014 in Science Fiction by Subbaraman Ramaswamy

Introduction A Gloom set in the horizon bringing in a reddish owlish clouds in the sky making the sun set appear threatening, darkening making the evening sky azure. VI was about to leave office premises when the rain started bringing torrential water down the top giving a blistering sound and clouds thundered with electrifying lightning that slit the sky into shreds. VI even though finished the day’s work was very tired and was about to move suddenly heard a thundering sound which seemed to crash on the roof like a thunder bolt. VI was in a very pernicious mood thinking about the strange things which happened in his life. A gloom set over his face like the darkening cloud on the sky and many thoughts went over his mind like striking thunder bolt. He was beset with anger as well as hunger and was thinking about events which tarnished his life. He pondered over the struggle he passed over. “Oh! God!! What is this? Why all the struggles for me even from the childhood Am struggling from various forms of discomforts in the mind . . . . Always having nightmares and haunting memories, strange thoughts occupying my mind given
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License To Kill

November 8, 2014 in Crime by Subbaraman Ramaswamy

Chapter 1 Washington D.C was agog with rumours of a licensed killer making havoc in the city . . . The F.B.I and private detective agencies were not able to make any breakthrough in the series of murders, which is happening in the city and around mostly persons of influential nature and persons who were avaricious wealthy creators through industries and individual profession. The federal agencies were on loggerhead with CAPITOL for not finding the person behind the city’s mayhem. They suspected of terrorists plans for sabotaging the reputation of the city since creating the fear in the minds of people. This will make important personnel to leave the city in the grip of fear and will make the city more vulnerable for more crimes and panicky situation, which will lead to government instability and will give terrorists an upper hand in their nefarious activities. Only thing they were able to admonish or have a clue about the killer is that, he is definitely a menace and going to create panic in the near future also since he was able to strike at will without ever being noticed and traced. Brian Tracy was a famous lawyer living in the CAPITOL
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License to Kill

November 8, 2014 in Crime by Subbaraman Ramaswamy

some abandoned villas or buildings soon to be destroyed by the federal government” “Yeah . . . possibility is there sir . . . Because nearly more than 1000 people have been rendered jobless and most of them when they lost their jobs had only their possessions to sell and their costly belongings rather than any savings in their hand” “Well . . . . Thanks for the information . . . Kindly make a through enquiry and take a survey and prepare possible list of people who have been rendered homeless or jobless or it is better to enquire their employer themselves so that whomever not emotionally unstable and in a very pitiable mindset can be watched regularly of their activities”. “It will not be possible to watch all of them on a personal basis . . . At least we can ask for more police force to make strict vigilance on these parts and also you can go personally if some of them are missing from the abandoned structure itself or coming on any of the list of the federal old convicts”. 21   VAIRAM “Okay . . . . thanks for the discussion . . . it
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by Emiliya

Cry of the soul

November 7, 2014 in General Fiction by Emiliya

CHAPTER 36 Deserved Happyness Thirty minutes ago, Angel has arrived in Turkey from San- Francisco where she has given an interview to local newspaper as well as took part in conference supporting abused women and children. She has been invited to give motivational speech to abused women in San Francisco by International Association of Abused women. Her speech was very successful and attracted local journalist’s interests. After her speech, many women asking her for advice approached Angel. She loved giving an advice to people knowing that her knowledge helps them. While being in San Francisco she stayed in Hilton hotel. Her speech was scheduled for Monday at 11 am. Hence, on Monday June 2014 Angel got up at 5 AM and started writing some notes for her speech. After finishing writing notes, she selected black dress suit to wear and then took her shower. At around 10 AM Angel went downstairs to breakfast room where she had some fruits with omelet. After having a breakfast, Angel went back to her room and put on her black dress with red jacket and red shoes. At 10 .30 AM she left Hilton and walked to Henderson conference Centre located not far from
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by Anna123

My Father

November 6, 2014 in History by Anna123

My Father Please do not neglect to read. I came to know the last day of the contest was 15-8-2014. But I could not avail it as I was not well, I was in the hospital. Believe me, I am writing this real story only for my father. My father was a school teacher. The name of my father is Late Shri Dilipchandra Bhattacharya. He was a teacher in Jaynagar institution at South 24 Parganas. My father was a scholar. He had wonderful knowledge in all subjects. My father has twelve children. He used to work hard to maintain family as well as his children. He had a very simple dressing style; one kurta, dhoti and pair of boots were his dress code. He struggled day and night to provide food, clothes and education for us. My father died in the year 2005 by Cancer. On the way home from school my father met with a tragic accident. He was riding an old bicycle on the road which was his constant mode of transport to work. Suddenly, due to bad luck he dashed with a truck as a result his old bicycle was crushed and he tumbled off from it
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by Anna123

Born to be free

November 6, 2014 in Crime by Anna123

Born to be free Here I am sitting alone Torn and battered Harassed in every way, You telling your power on me Making me feel As low as life can be. You starve me every time I ask for some piece of bread. You throw the water on my face, When all I want is to drink. You display you power To one who is helpless and You call yourself human. No, I call you a terrorist. You take delight In seeing me in distress, You name it a pure religion I name it absolute deviligion. While I wait for justice Not from you, the evil. I pray and pray to my God above And believe he will answer someday. Afternoon, I know you devil Will slit my neck so far, So I wake up early morning, Tears rolling down my cheeks, I look through the hole on the roof, I see sunray seeping with no bar. My conscious mind speaks to me, That someday you will also see, The river, the lake and the sea, You will be with people Who loves and cares for thee, You will see the birds and dare And hear the buzz of the
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by pragya

destiny of my thoughts

November 5, 2014 in Fantasy by pragya

I frequently assume in my isolation… Where lies the destiny of my thoughts… My gratifications, my afflicts, The destiny of my sobbs..,,,, My qualms, my worries, my each intense passion, Have now befall for my part…. Like unanswerable questions… Tears have sheerly sodden my cheeks… My lips have I guess, forgotten my smile… My soul is scorching my within, And constraining to abondon worldly servile…. The fate of my aid will be…. After the cease of my breaths…. After I complete the life jourmey….. From ultimate vitality to death… Pragya Awasthi

I became quite a contortionist early on

November 4, 2014 in Crime by erwinmaguire2

The women whose libidos increased claimed to want sex all the time. “We have a pretty active sex life as it is, but pregnancy makes me a wild animal!” one woman claimed. “Three times [last night]! I want it again but he is asleep,” another woman gushed. sex Toys for couples I watched a bunch of animation on DVD (Courage the Cowardly Dog and Toradora!) and I got some DVDs in the post and an order that I thought might not ship because one of the items was Limited Edition and could have already sold out actually did ship. I also traded in an anime boxset that I didn’t want for an anime series I did want at a local secondhand store, which I was very pleased about as the former was a somewhat rash purchase of a series that I wasn’t sure about, and since I haven’t got tons of money at the moment, I was glad to be able to get a series I did want by trading in something I already had and paying just a few quid for the rest of the cost, I was really sensible about it too, I went into the store
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