Under a Blue Sky

March 10, 2015 in Romance by melo

Under a blue sky She had turned back to the warm refugy of her big eternal projects ,where she hoped to find a sign able to lead her to one memorable holidays destiny, one of those who only exist because we imagine them in the rush hours ,feeling tired and empty of a daily and mechanical routine ,who push us to much more , a human being is allowed to live! The evening was windy and even the sky was blue and without clouds , it was difficult to forget the uncomfortable sensation ,caused by the wind. The little waves , could been seen all over the sea . Tom´s journey to the south was nice, in spite of being a holiday season . Teresa wasn´t in her mind but his house and the time he would have to spend to play the piano to a concert in Paris .Without looking to the sights ,although it was extremely beautiful , stop at Santarém and in the morning drive to Alentejana cost to Vila Nova de Milfontes, where he met a group of friends staying there just a few days .His destiny from now on was Paris . The chance might
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