Wraith in the Mist

June 8, 2015 in Horror by raghavgupta

It was a cold evening as the sunset upon the snow covered streets of New York. People were exiting the Central Park as it was being closed off for the day, however there was one man still sitting on the bench reading a book. It was a young man in his early twenties with dark hair and grey eyes; he was wearing a thick cammo jacket and jeans along with blue snow boots. As the man read the book in boredom, he suddenly had a chill run down his spine and the next moment heard a voice, “can you feel my presence human?” The man got startled and looked around trying to find the source of the voice. The man thought of this as some sort of a joke, he could feel a presence but couldn’t pin point it, after sometime he got irritated and left the park. The next day he had returned to find the source of the voice today hoping that it would quench his boredom. He hid inside the park and waited for it to close and then came out and waited at the same place where he had first heard the voice. As the full
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