Last Word Before Good Bye

July 13, 2015 in Romance by karthick

Scene 1 We were sitting in the verandah of our college campus.That place was really awesome with decorate lights all around. “Lights could make place beautiful na.” she said “Only lights could not make place beautiful it is all about with whom we are hanging with” I retorted She tilted her head sideways and gave me a cherishing smile that could make any male to like her and made me clear that she was happy with what I said “Have you ever been in relationship karthik” No, I said Now it is my turn to ask her the same that is she expecting. Yes, I asked the same question. No, she said. Then what is your opinion about relationship. OMG she is in a peak today. “Hmmm as per my perspective most of them used to think that if two people like each other it is love. At the sametime breakups become a common word only because people get attracted to each other keeping beauty in front.If a relationship starts only because of outfits it will not last long.Moreover lack of genunity is the main reason for divorce or breakups. In my case I will get attaracted to a girl
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