January 10, 2017 in Politics by Stoby

I remember as a child hearing the words ‘running away never solved anything’, is that what the Brexit vote means? I’m inclined to think that it does. As one of the founder members of the European Union Britain had and has a duty to remain and fight for reforms which bring the EU back to the original principles behind it’s formation. After the horror of two world wars the EU was intended to bring European Nations closer together and to avoid further conflict. It was not intended as a basis for a capitalistic market, solely intent on the exploitation of its citizens and financialy weaker member countries. There is in my opinion no doubt that the EU is a corrupt organisation but that is all the more reason for Britain to stay and fight for changes. Each country still tries to protect its own interests and the emphasis is on economy rather than people. Britain protects its banking industry and Germany protects its export market. The financial crisis will effect tax payers for many years to come, the explosion of public debt, loss of tax revenues, loss of returns on insurance policies, savings, pensions and privat health insurance, these are
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