London – Manchester

June 5, 2017 in Politics by Stoby

On hearing that there is been a terror attack such as in Manchester or London my first reaction was one of sadness and complete alienation, how could someone commit such an act? But slowly anger rises up, someone should find these people and punish them, punish everyone who is in the slightest way involved or is sympathetic to this cause. One starts to distrust anyone who bears any physical resemblance to the perpetrators. I hope that politicians do not see this incident as a political opportunity to ‘get tough’ in front of the media and propose measures to combat terrorism only with the objective of gaining a few votes. I hope that is not the case but my scepticism towards political leaders tends to make me believe that some will. What is the correct way to deal with such a situation and what are the questions we should ask in order to make any sense of the events not only in England but in other countries where there have been similar atrocities? What is the aim behind these attacks? Maybe the old saying ‘United we stand – divided we fall’ sheds some light. England or Britain has in my opinion
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